Residential Solar

Clean Energy for Your Home

Residential Solar

Besides providing savings on your monthly utility bill, a solar electric system raises the property value of your home!

Residential Solar Financing Available!

Our process

Going Green and Saving Green

STEP 1: Free Consultation

First Step is to talk to one of our Solar Energy Consultants about your energy usage and solar goals. Now that SolarUp's energy consultant has gotten a clear understanding of your needs and wants, we will work with you to design a system and explain what solar will look like for your family.

STEP 2: Decision

Say YES to the best solar system for your family.

STEP 3: Site Inspection

Our technicians and designers will visit the location to take more detailed measurements of the available area for your solar array. If a roof mount system is desired, our roofing experts will verify a sound roof.

Step 4: Interconnection to Grid

Our team of experts begin the process of contacting your current electricity provider to begin the interconnectivity to the grid. Building permits are also requested through local government. We will handle all the paperwork.

Step 5: Installation

Our experienced installers begin the process of installing roof rigging or field preparation and panel installation.

Step 6: Inspection

County building inspectors are then contacted. This process is completed with a SolarUp agent on site. You do not need to be present. Though if you are curious about the process, we welcome your attendance.

Step 7: New Meter Installed

Once inspection has passed, a new meter is installed, the system is registered with your power company and grant paperwork is completed.

Step 8: Start Saving Money

Last Step is the fun part - receiving your electric bill either zeroed out or with significant savings.

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Are you ready to go solar?

We make the process as easy as possible taking care of the design, permitting, installation, monitoring, rebates, and financing.

  • Lower utility bills
  • Increase property value
  • Pollution free energy
  • Stable energy costs
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