Find out how much you can save by going solar in the Sunflower State


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Solar in Kansas Is More Affordable than Ever Before

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Kansas has a lot of sunlight available during the year for homeowners who invest in a residential solar PV system.

The west of the state can receive up to six peak-sun hours per day on average, which is comparable to the sunshine in California.

Having a lot of sunlight is great, because it basically means getting more dollars out of your PV system over its lifetime for every dollar invested at the beginning.

Another strong point in favor of solar power in Kansas is that the local net metering policy requires private utility companies to give you full credit for every kilowatt-hour of energy you export to the grid. This means that you get full savings from the output of your residential PV system, even if you don’t consume it at the moment.

Your solar system is also exempt on property tax, which means your home will be worth more but you will still pay the same taxes as before!

  • Generate your own power!
  • Solar up for $0 money down!
  • Help the environment!

How to Solar Up in Kansas

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  • Step 2 Check out your custom design
  • Step 3 Relax during installation
  • Step 4 Watch your savings grow